Hi. I’m Mel! I’m a petite, 30 year old brunette. I wear size 6-8 panties and have a 36C size chest.

I’m into selling my dirty used panties, and have been for a few years. It made sense to when one of my ex-lovers pointed out that I had the sweetest smelling panties he’d ever experienced – so I thought I’d share my seductive undies with those who love to indulge in the smell of a real woman.

The thought of you gentlemen taking in my scent, really turns me on. It’s something I was a little shy about at first, however, now I can’t get enough and find all of the lovely and satisfying feedback I get from you all turns me on enough to find new and exciting items that I can wear to really soak up my aroma.

Welcome to my panty draw – I hope you find everything you’re after.

Mel's smelly worn panties       


Feel free to contact me with any specific requests and I’ll do all I can to make your wish my command! 😉

Mel xx