Hi. I’m Mel. I’m a petite, 30 year old brunette. I wear size 6-8 panties and have a 36C size chest.

I love the thought that my dirty used panties are being enjoyed by men all over the Globe, that they’re indulging in my worn knickers and tights. I like nothing more than to get home after a long shift, take off my wet panties and send them straight out to you, so you’re able to fully enjoy my moist scent. Most days, sometimes before, sometime after I go to work, I have a little ‘me’ time to think about what my wet panties do to you when you’re sniffing and licking them, which gets me so excited – I love the thought that you’re smelling me, it makes me wetter and even more dirty! I like it the most when Guys ask me to wear my panties for more than 24 hours, as I really feel like I’m sending out items totally consumed in me and my smell. You can ask me to do most things in your panties, I love giving my customers the most fun from my used underwear and genuinely enjoy being dirty in them for you. When I post them off to you I imagine what excitement you’re going to get from my dirty, wet panties – it gives me a little tingle! I welcome photos of you in my panties too, so I can share a little of the fun myself 🙂

I’ve been wearing and sending out my used panties for around three years now and have some great feedback, as well as regular clients.  I have a large repertoire of used panties, and love expanding it further, so if there are things you feel I could add, I’d love to hear from you . Everything I send out is 100% me, and as I say I’d be happy to customise your order in any way you see fit.